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Meet the Leaders Team

Below are details on our Leaders Team and ways in

which you can get in contact with them.


Dennisha Simmons

Leader & Manager

Having your Leaders describe themselves and their experience can be inspiring, and also quite interesting to see how far they have come, and how they feel about being a part of PHCMDC today.  We asked Dennisha to introduce herself to you, the reader.  Here is what she shared.....

"My name is Dennisha Simmons aka Aunt Dennisha and I joined for 2005 Fall Term. I signed my daughters up for the 2005 Spring term that same year and became an active parent within the group. I was eventually approached to join the group as a Majorette with my daughters, and I've been a member ever since.😊 I worked my way up from a Diva Majorette to a Leader and I enjoy the time we take to gather our creative minds to build engaging and enjoyable routines.. It's a task but we make it happen and always seem to be able to"wow" the crowd. I look forward to  getting back to twirling & teaching new and previous members every term."

Thank you Dennisha for your commitment and dedication to the PHCMDC Family.


Tiffany Goddard


As one of the 2002 original Leaders of the PHCMDC team with over 25 years Majorette experience, Tiffany (also known as “Tiff") has been a dedicated and passionate member of the team.


Sharing in the development and growth of our members whilst always amplifying Leadership and assisting to maintain structure of the program.

Tiffany has grown and developed tremendously through the years of being a full time member of the PHCMDC family.

Although she has tried to retire  a total of 2 times, Tiffany has always been a part of the movement and has re-joined our team to assist and build this dynamic brand.


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Tiara Talbot


Here is someone that has been a member of the group for more than a decade. Tiara has been a majorette for 18 years, and began her membership with PHCMDC 14 years ago. When she started in 2008, her journey began in the Senior Diva Majorette section of the group and we have watched her grow in every way.


Tiara is one we would consider a well-rounded performer.  She worked her way through various sections offered within the group that not only improved her twirling and dance resume, but highlighted how skillful and talented she is.  She has performed in various parades as a Double Diva Majorette ( 2 baton twirler), Senior Diva Pom Pom, and a Drum Corps. Dancer.


Now as one of the Leaders of the group, which she so rightfully earned, Tiara prefers to be called Aunt Tiara, Tiara or Ti whichever members prefer.


Thank you Tiara for your dedication and commitment.

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Anayah Curtis


 Anayah, most referred to as 'Nyah' is a recent high school graduate, and has shown tremendous growth in all aspects.  As a regular member of PHCMDC, Anayah shows up on time to almost every practice, and every performance since 2015 with a good spirit and willingness to learn every challenge we put forth to her.  Not only is she a Majorette, she is a young entrepreneur who has her own Candy business called " Sweeties".  Be sure to support her by visiting and following her page on Instagram and Facebook @sweetiesbda.
Anayah has been promoted from Assistant Leader to Leader of all sections.  Here is what Anayah shared with us:

"I have been a member of PHCMDC since 2014. Starting as a junior majorette I was able to learn new tricks and challenges to become the leader I am today. For the most part, I aim to help my auntie, Tawana Lee, to keep the tradition alive with my generation by dedicating my time to the group. I plan to assist PHCMDC with all future endeavors in anyway i can."

It is more than a pleasure to have someone as dedicated and reliable to assist in leading the group through more exciting terms to come. 


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Taylor Talbot


Taylor is a refreshing face to have as a part of the Leaders Team. She has shown her dedication and commitment to the group in many ways, and the Directors are confident in her ability to continue on as an integral part of the team.

Taylor has been a member since 2009 and in 2022 she was put in the position of Assistant Leader to work her way up to becoming a Full time Leader with the group. She can always be counted on to attend practices, fundraisers, and performances, and always goes the extra mile to assist where she can. 

Taylor is currently a student at the Bermuda College where she is studying early childhood education.

We are excited to see what else Taylor can bring to the group in the coming years. 


Kira-Taral Swan


Kira joined PHCMDC many years ago as a little girl. Even though she was shy, she accomplished her goal to participate in the Annual Bermuda Day Parade. She took a break from the group for a bit but then realized twirling was a passion of hers.  She returned to the group in 2019 and in 2020 was promoted to the leader role. This encouraged her to pass on the passion, allowing her to be able to teach the next generation. 


As an adult she's seen how important it is to keep the tradition of majorettes and drum corps alive.  She does her best to stay committed to do whatever it takes to do so.


"Joining PHCMDC was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made because to me we are more than just a group we are a FAMILY."



Mikado Grant

Drum Major & Choreographer

Mikado brings a plethora of talent to the group.  He has been a part of the group for many years as a Drummer, eventually working his way through completing the Future Leaders Programme and becoming an Assistant Drum Major. He brought many creative ideas to the Drum Corps as well as the Twirling side, landing him into a Leaders position as a Drum Major.​


He has now taken on a new role, that not only allows him to dive deeper in his passion for dance, but also allows him growth in a new role that can lead to many other opportunities in the long run.​


Raymond Johnson

Drum Major & Social Media Manager

With over 25 years experience in the tradition of Majorettes & Drum Corps, PHCMDC is glad to announce that Raymond Johnson Jr., known to group members as Uncle Ray has rejoined the team as our Drum Major & Social Media Manager.


Uncle Ray is a founding member of PHCMDC were he joined as Assistant Drum Major to Denise Reed who was then our Drum Major. After 2 years as assistant he was promoted to Drum Major where he served in that post for 18 years. Uncle Ray introduced the element of dance choreography and moving formations to the


Dynamic Drummers. Group travel and overseas performances are a big thing for him which creates many lasting memories, you can catch Uncle Ray reminiscing about from time to time. To date he is extremely passionate and motivated to “Keeping the Majorette and Drum Corps Tradition alive and well in Bermuda”!


Uncle Ray can often be found on social media recruiting and encouraging persons to join to help #KeepTheTraditionAlive.


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