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Meet the Management Team

Below are details on our Management Team and ways in which you can get in contact with them.

Tawana Lee

Director & Co-Founder

With over 30 years experience as a Majorette, Tawana is not only the Director, Choreographer, and Mentor, she also performs and leads the group through practices and performances. While the spotlight has been a great place to be, her aim is to share it; to teach and develop others who are more than capable of shining a new light while keeping the tradition alive.  Because of people like her, there is passion, presence, growth, and enjoyment in all we aim to accomplish.  Most importantly our tradition of twirling and drumming remains alive because of her dedication and commitment to the arts.

To stay relevantly youthful, she prefers to be called "Aunt Tawana", and by the more mature members, "T" is acceptable.  Save the Ms. Lee for those less family related atmosphere's because within PHCMDC members are automatically considered family.

Every year for us is a milestone, and through each milestone we want to create everlasting memories.  Join us in this movement to create awareness, passion, and protection of our precious traditions and new creations. Join us today to learn more!


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Tawana Lee, Director

Bettyann Nolan

Director & Co-Founder

There is more to Bettyann than being the mother of Tawana Lee.  She is known to be one of the most persistent, dedicated, organized and passionate fund-raisers the island of Bermuda has ever known.  Meet "Aunt Betty", the beautiful lady with 3 legs and the biggest "can do" spirit.  

Aunt Betty is an integral part of PHCMDC's existence.  In addition to being a Co-Director, she has served as a Manager on PHCMDC Management Team since inception and has spearheaded plenty of fundraising events that afforded group members the opportunity to not only participate in events locally, but in overseas tours and performances as well. 

Thank you Aunt Betty for your commitment, passion and dedication to PHCMDC.  You are appreciated!


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Leslena Outerbridge

Executive Manager & Treasurer

Meet another key member of the PHCMDC Team.  Leslena joined PHCMDC as a parent of a Precious Pom Pom.  In our search to add to our team, Leslena volunteered to join as an ordinary member of the Management Team.  Eventually she became the general manager of the team and has been an integral part of our success over the years.

Leslena, also referred to as "Aunt Les" knows what it's like to be a parent of a performer and is always around to answer any questions you may have.  You want to know any balances you may have?  She can assist with that.  Can't remember if you paid your membership?  She can assist with that.  Such a valuable asset to the team, and we are happy to have her in the PHCMDC Family.

Email: ​

Leslena Outerbridge, Manager
Shawnette Bell, Manager

Shawnette Bell


Shawnette Bell has been a member of PHCMDC since 2003.  As one of our first performing members in our Flag section, she became well known in the media as she seemed to captivate many people throughout her performances.  After taking a short break from performing, Shawnette returned to the group as a Parent when she signed her daughter up to be a Precious Pom Pom.  She eventually became a part of the Management Team to assist where necessary, and remains a valuable member of our team today. 

Meet Aunt Shawny, or some may say Aunt Pinky.  Whatever you choose to call her is acceptable with a strong dose of respect on that.


Dennisha Simmons

Leader & Manager

Having your Leaders describe themselves and their experience can be inspiring, and also quite interesting to see how far they have come, and how they feel about being a part of PHCMDC today.  We asked Dennisha to introduce herself to you, the reader.  Here is what she shared.....

"My name is Dennisha Simmons aka Aunt Dennisha and I joined for 2005 Fall Term. I signed my daughters up for the 2005 Spring term that same year and became an active parent within the group. I was eventually approached to join the group as a Majorette with my daughters, and I've been a member ever since.😊 I worked my way up from a Diva Majorette to a Leader and I enjoy the time we take to gather our creative minds to build engaging and enjoyable routines.. It's a task but we make it happen and always seem to be able to"wow" the crowd. I look forward to  getting back to twirling & teaching new and previous members every term."

Thank you Dennisha for your commitment and dedication to the PHCMDC Family.


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