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Meet The Media Team

Who We Are

Tawana Lee

Director & Co-Founder

With over 30 years experience as a Majorette, Tawana is not only the Director, Choreographer, and Mentor, she also performs and leads the group through practices and performances. While the spotlight has been a great place to be, her aim is to share it; to teach and develop others who are more than capable of shining a new light while keeping the tradition alive.  Because of people like her, there is passion, presence, growth, and enjoyment in all we aim to accomplish.  Most importantly our tradition of twirling and drumming remains alive because of her dedication and commitment to the arts.

To stay relevantly youthful, she prefers to be called "Aunt Tawana", and by the more mature members, "T" is acceptable.  Save the Ms. Lee for those less family related atmosphere's because within PHCMDC members are automatically considered family.

Every year for us is a milestone, and through each milestone we want to create everlasting memories.  Join us in this movement to create awareness, passion, and protection of our precious traditions and new creations. Join us today to learn more!


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Tawana Lee, Director

Raymond Johnson

Leader & Social Media Manager

With over 25 years experience in the tradition of Majorettes & Drum Corps, PHCMDC is glad to announce that Raymond Johnson Jr., known to group members as Uncle Ray has rejoined the team as our Drum Major & Social Media Manager.


Uncle Ray is a founding member of PHCMDC were he joined as Assistant Drum Major to Denise Reed who was then our Drum Major. After 2 years as assistant he was promoted to Drum Major where he served in that post for 18 years. Uncle Ray introduced the element of dance choreography and moving formations to the


Dynamic Drummers. Group travel and overseas performances are a big thing for him which creates many lasting memories, you can catch Uncle Ray reminiscing about from time to time. To date he is extremely passionate and motivated to “Keeping the Majorette and Drum Corps Tradition alive and well in Bermuda”!


Uncle Ray can often be found on social media recruiting and encouraging persons to join to help #KeepTheTraditionAlive.


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Shantaye Wolffe

Website Manager

Shantaye started with us as a member in 2005.  She quickly transitioned into the Leader role in 2006, before going away to school in 2008.  Upon her return she joined us as a Leader in 2011 for a few more years before transitioning to the Management team through to 2018.


While she wasn't officially on the Leader or Management teams, she continued to assist us in the background and in 2022 volunteered to assist us with the management of our website.


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