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A Randomly Selected Member's Uniform

There are many occasions that a family would like to participate together but can’t afford more than one uniform (costs between $330 and $495 each).  At other times we have individuals that are passionate about the art of Majorettes or Drumming but simply cannot afford the cost to participate.  There are other individuals that are committed and show their dedication to the art year after year, who are more than deserving of a sponsored uniform.  You can choose to sponsor as many members as you wish based on the criteria given. You can choose to sponsor a specific member or have the Directors and Management choose the individual based on any of the criteria listed. Please find additional information below if you choose to Sponsor a PHCMDC Member.


Our Equipment/Accessories

PHCMDC is always in need of equipment such as Drums ($250 and up), and accessories such as Drum Sticks ($35 and up) that we use to play the drums in the Dynamic Drum Corps.  Other sections such as the Precious Pom Pom girls require accessories such as Pom Poms to practice and perform.  And lastly, the Majorettes use Batons to continue the tradition of twirling in the Majorette section. All of these items are required for every performance and must be maintained.  Should you wish to Sponsor a Drum, or donate towards the purchase of equipment and maintenance items, please find additional information below to donate towards these items.


Our Drum and Twirling Lessons

PHCMDC now offers members of our group the opportunity to participate in group drum lessons currently held at TNTatem Classroom.  These lessons teach not only the basics of drumming, but also music theory.  Currently it is at a cost of $500 for 4 group sessions.  We are hoping to continue lessons over the summer and in the Fall Term.  In addition, aspiring majorettes are offered individual and group twirling lessons with T’s Twirling Academy.  Individual sessions are $25 per person with a discount given to PHCMDC Members for each term. Should you wish to donate to this part of the program that allows growth and development, please find additional information below.


If you're interested in donating towards any of the above options, please send your payment via online banking:

Clarien Bank
Name: PHC Majorettes & Drum Corps.
Donations Account - 4010042052
Memo: Donation/Sponsorship towards __________ .

(Feel free to send a screenshot of your banking transfer confirmation)

Clarien Bank Ltd -
Butterfield Bank -
HSBC Bank -

We apologize, as we are currently unable to accept debit or credit cards online.

For more information on any of the categories presented, please contact Tawana Lee, Director, at 1-441-799-9891 or email

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