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Membership Dues - Fall

Membership Dues - Fall


Membership Dues for the term is $40.  You must be a member in order to participate in any activities and receive any benefits through PHCMDC for the term.  This payment is completely separate from the Pembroke Hamilton Club Membership that is offered through the Club Executive for $120.


    Membership Dues are $40 for this term.  Our latest policy doesn't allow for monthly installments.  As a member you will receive:

    1. Access to Online video recordings of practice in your chosen section.
    2. Ability to learn how to read music AND play an instrument.
    3. Sharing photos and videos among members in your section.
    4. Ability to join live streamed training rehearsals (due to covid restrictions)
    5. More online digital experiences as we navigate our program to fit in with the ever evolving changes of Covid regulations.
    6. Members who perform for certain events receive free admission and parking convenience (in some cases) to those events.

    In addition, as a PHCMDC Member:

    1. You will be given discounts for private lessons that will be offered by separate entities for Music and for twirling.  Further information will be provided.



    Membership is a mandatory payment for all those that wish to become members of the program.  There are no refunds and dues for the term must be paid in full.

  • 2024 Fall Policy Update

    Dues are $40 for the term September 2024 – December 2024. Payment must be made at the time of Registration. There will be no payment plan for this term, as no uniforms are required, making this the only payment required. If dues are not paid by the start of the first practice, that person will not be able to participate. Payments are currently accepted through direct transfer to our Clarien account.

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