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Superstar Baton

Superstar Baton


The Superstar Baton ranges from 16 inch to 31 inch.   The star shaped ends prevent the baton from rolling when dropped on the ground.  Recommended for Senior Diva Majorettes

  • Superstar Baton Details

    This baton is sold from size 16 inch to 32 inch.  The best way to measure the size baton you require, is to place a measuring tape from your armpit to the tip of your middle finger.  For beginners it is recommended that you use the size that exactly ends at the tip of your middle finger.  Intermediate to advanced twirlers can get away with one or two inches longer than their arm length.

  • Returns & Refund Policy

    If your baton is too large or to small, you have the option to switch for another size that is in stock within 14 days.  If your size is not in stock, please advise and we will alert you when the next shipment will arrive with your replacement.

Color: White
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