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The PHC Majorettes & Drum Corps was founded in December 2002 by Directors Tawana Lee & Bettyann Nolan.  This mother daughter duo decided to start a program under the Pembroke Hamilton Club to not only continue the traditions of Majorettes & Drumming, but to also provide an activity in the Warwick community where their family grew up in the near by Cedar Hill area. 

Bermuda Day 2003 was a very historic year as we crowded the Bermuda streets for the parade with over 150 performing members.  Give or take a few, we maintained this level of membership for years while providing various opportunities for members through Overseas training camps, performance tours, and specialized, top of the line local events that had us recognized as one of the most talented and well dressed groups in Bermuda.

We are a non-profit organization that is committed to our youth, our, community, and our culture.  Our goal is to continue providing these opportunities while evolving and creating this space for people in the performing arts. More importantly teaching Bermuda's tradition to the next generation in order to keep it alive and thriving. 

Our program operates with two terms a year.  The Fall Term operating from September to December, and the Winter/Spring Term in operation from January to June.  Each term presents specific financial obligations so we continue to seek Corporate and Government Sponsorship every year to help us complete each term successfully. Individual Sponsors are also always welcomed.

Check out our Donate page to see the different ways you can contribute to our organization and support  our mission. 



Sum of Talented Parts

Teamwork makes the dream work. Without the current and previous Management & Leaders we have had throughout the years, we would not have been able to achieve all that we have. Check out the faces that make up the current team at PHC Majorettes & Drum Corps. below.

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With over 30 years experience as a Majorette, Tawana is not only the Director, Choreographer, and Mentor, she also performs and leads the group through practices and performances. While the spotlight has been a great place to be, her aim is to share it; to teach and develop others who are more than capable of shining a new light while keeping the tradition alive.  Because of people like her, there is passion, presence, growth, and enjoyment in all we aim to accomplish.  Most importantly our tradition of twirling and drumming remains alive because of her dedication and commitment to the arts.

To stay relevantly youthful, she prefers to be called "Aunt Tawana", and by the more mature members, "T" is acceptable.  Save the Ms. Lee for those less family related atmosphere's because within PHCMDC members are automatically considered family.

Every year for us is a milestone, and through each milestone we want to create everlasting memories.  Join us in this movement to create awareness, passion, and protection of our precious traditions and new creations. Join us today to learn more!



There is more to Bettyann than being the mother of Tawana Lee.  She is known to be one of the most persistent, dedicated, organized and passionate fund-raisers the island of Bermuda has ever known.  Meet "Aunt Betty", the beautiful lady with 3 legs and the biggest "can do" spirit.  

Aunt Betty is an integral part of PHCMDC's existence.  In addition to being a Co-Director, she has served as a Manager on PHCMDC Management Team since inception and has spearheaded plenty of fundraising events that afforded group members the opportunity to not only participate in events locally, but in overseas tours and performances as well. 

Thank you Aunt Betty for your commitment, passion and dedication to PHCMDC.  You are appreciated!

Bettyann Nolan
Leslena Outerbridge_edited.jpg



Meet another key member of the PHCMDC Team.  Leslena joined PHCMDC as a parent of a Precious Pom Pom.  In our search to add to our team, Leslena volunteered to join as an ordinary member of the Management Team.  Eventually she became the general manager of the team and has been an integral part of our success over the years.

Leslena, also referred to as "Aunt Les" knows what it's like to be a parent of a performer and is always around to answer any questions you may have.  You want to know any balances you may have?  She can assist with that.  Can't remember if you paid your membership?  She can assist with that.  Such a valuable asset to the team, and we are happy to have her in the PHCMDC Family.



Shawnette Bell has been a member of PHCMDC since 2003.  As one of our first performing members in our Flag section, she became well known in the media as she seemed to captivate many people throughout her performances.  After taking a short break from performing, Shawnette returned to the group as a Parent when she signed her daughter up to be a Precious Pom Pom.  She eventually became a part of the Management Team to assist where necessary, and remains a valuable member of our team today. 

Meet Aunt Shawny, or some may say Aunt Pinky.  Whatever you choose to call her is acceptable with a strong dose of respect on that 

Shawnette Bell



Here is someone that has been a member of the group for more than a decade. Tiara has been a majorette for 18 years, and began her membership with PHCMDC 14 years ago. When she started in 2008, her journey began in the Senior Diva Majorette section of the group and we have watched her grow in every way.

Tiara is one we would consider a well-rounded performer.  She worked her way through various sections offered within the group that not only improved her twirling and dance resume, but highlighted how skillful and talented she is.  She has performed in various parades as a Double Diva Majorette ( 2 baton twirler), Senior Diva Pom Pom, and a Drum Corps. Dancer.

Now as one of the Leaders of the group, which she so rightfully earned, Tiara prefers to be called Aunt Tiara, Tiara or Ti whichever members prefer. Thank you Tiara for your dedication and commitment.



Having your Leaders describe themselves and their experience can be inspiring, and also quite interesting to see how far they have come, and how they feel about being a part of PHCMDC today.  We asked Dennisha to introduce herself to you, the reader.  Here is what she shared.....

"My name is Dennisha Simmons aka Aunt Dennisha and I joined for 2005 Fall Term. I signed my daughters up for the 2005 Spring term that same year and became an active parent within the group. I was eventually approached to join the group as a Majorette with my daughters, and I've been a member ever since.😊 I worked my way up from a Diva Majorette to a Leader and I enjoy the time we take to gather our creative minds to build engaging and enjoyable routines.. It's a task but we make it happen and always seem to be able to"wow" the crowd. I am looking forward to getting back in with twirling & teaching new and previous members."

Thank you Dennisha for your commitment and dedication to the PHCMDC Family.

Jhayla Outerbridge_edited.jpg



Teaching them from young is exactly what we did with Jhayla.  Starting out as a Pom Pom girl with PHCMDC, Jhayla never really had too much to say, but she showed you she was very in tune with each practice.  Once she moved from Pom Poms to Majorettes, her shy nature may not have had anyone call her out for being loud, but her skillsets in twirling, when she reached that level, was surely noticed and acknowledged. 

Jhayla took a short break from the group and returned as a Precious Pom Pom Leader, assisting with their choreography.  Eventually she agreed to step up and assist the group in a Leader position, expressing her commitment to the art consistently.  

Jhay, we are so proud of your growth within the group, and look forward to many more years of evolving through the program and your leadership.

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As one of the 2002 original Leaders of the PHCMDC team with over 25 years Majorette experience,
Tiffany (also known as “Tiff “) has been a dedicated and passionate member of the team.
Sharing in the development and growth of our members whilst always amplifying Leadership and assisting to maintain structure of the program.
Tiffany has grown and developed tremendously through the years of being a full time member of the PHCMDC family.
Although she has tried to retire  a total of 2 times, Tiffany has always been a part of the movement and has re-joined our team to assist and build this dynamic brand.




  Anayah, most referred to as 'Nyah' is in her last year of high school, and has shown tremendous growth in all aspects.  As a regular member of PHCMDC, Anayah shows up on time to almost every practice, and every performance since 2015 with a good spirit and willingness to learn every challenge we put forth to her.  Not only is she a Majorette, she is a young entrepreneur who has her own Candy business called " Sweeties".  Be sure to support her by visiting and following her page on Instagram and Facebook @sweetiesbda.
Anaya has been promoted from Assistant Leader to Leader of all sections.  We spoke to her recently and here is what she had to say:

"I have been a member of PHCMDC since 2014. Starting as a junior majorette I was able to learn new tricks and challenges to become the leader I am today. For the most part, I aim to help my auntie, Tawana Lee, to keep the tradition alive with my generation by dedicating my time to the group. I plan to assist PHCMDC with all future endeavors in anyway i can."

It is more than a pleasure to have someone as dedicated and reliable to assist in leading the group through more exciting terms to come. 



Taylor Talbot is a refreshing face to have as a part of the Leaders Team. Taylor has shown her dedication and commitment to the group in many ways, and the Directors are confident in her ability to continue on as an integral part of the team. She has been a member since 2009 and in 2022 she was put in the position of Assistant Leader to work her way up to becoming a Full time Leader with the group. She can always be counted on to attend practices, fundraisers, and performances, and always goes the extra mile to assist where she can. 

Taylor recently graduated from CedarBridge Academy in June 2022 and is currently a student at the Bermuda College where she is studying early childhood education.

We are excited to see what else Taylor can bring to the group in the coming years. 

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Drum Major & Choreographer

Mikado brings a plethora of talent to the group.  He has been a part of the group for many years as a Drummer, eventually working his way through completing the Future Leaders Programme and becoming an Assistant Drum Major. He brought many creative ideas to the Drum Corps as well as the Twirling side, landing him into a Leaders position as a Drum Major.

He has now taken on a new role, that not only allows him to dive deeper in his passion for dance, but also allows him growth in a new role that can lead to many other opportunities in the long run.

We wish "Kado" all the best in his new challenging role with the Drum Corps.


Website Manager

Shantaye started with us as a member in 2005.  She quickly transitioned into the Leader role in 2006, before going away to school in 2008.  Upon her return she joined us as a Leader in 2011 for a few more years before transitioning to the Management team through to 2018.


While she wasn't officially on the Leader or Management teams, she continued to assist us in the background and in 2022 has volunteered to assist us with the management of our website.


We are excited to have her back with us once again!


Welcome to the team

Sharundae Thompson - Assistant Drum Major

Sharundae joined PHCMDC in January 2023 and has already been promoted to the position of Assistant Drum Major for the 2023 Fall Term.  With a passion and purpose, Sharundae proved to be a team player and fit right in with the PHCMDC Family.  He displays commitment to the art and self-motivates himself through his research and willingness to learn the craft. 

As an adult with such talent, dedication, and inspiration to be his best self, we felt he would be a perfect role model for all aspiring drummers of any age.  He shares his ideas, his time, and his knowledge and we are truly grateful to have him as a part of our PHCMDC Family.  We look forward to everything Sharundae has to offer the family for this term and beyond.  

Welcome to the team

Kristin Signor - Manager

Kristin is no stranger to the PHCMDC Family.  She was once a Leader in PHCMDC from 2002 until 2012, and was very entertaining with her bubbly personality and excellent performance ability.  She will be joining the Management team as the liaison for Uniform orders and payments.  We spoke with Kristin on her return and here is what she had to say:

"I started marching with PHCMDC when the group was first formed in 2002. I served as a leader for the majority of my time as a majorette and officially retired at the end of 2012 (the group's 10 year reunion). I enjoyed pretty much everything about majorette life. From the long nights at Aunt Betty's house making up routines for performances all over the island and everything in between like teaching the little ones and fundraising events. I loved it all!  Looking forward to being back with my PHCMDC family!"

We are so happy to have you back Kristin, and truly look forward to having you around the family events again. 


Welcome to the team

Kayla Gibbons - Assistant Leader

Kayla joined PHCMDC for the first time in January 2023.  She displayed commitment to learning and asked all the questions necessary to get her to a comfortable level of performing in the Bermuda Day Parade.  Although Kayla has not been with us for long, she has proven to be someone that would be a great addition to our team of Leaders.  We spoke to Kayla and here is what he wanted to share with you:

"I joined PHCMDC January 2023. During my time with the group, I was able to perform for the Bermuda Day Parade and enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve been dancing since I was 8 years old, but after my first Parade with PHCMDC,  it inspired me to continue my journey with the group, and I was given the opportunity to come back as an Assistant Leader! I definitely  plan to put my best foot forward and inspire anyone that joins the group."

We are happy Kayla decided to stick with us and volunteer her time as an Assistant Leader.  With her experience working with young people, we have no doubt that she would prove to be a great asset to our team.   All the best to Kayla and her future endeavours with PHCMDC.

Welcome to the team

Shireeca Campbell - Events Manager

Shireeca has just recently joined us this year and contacted us in regards to our advert looking for more volunteers to join our team. She has been assigned the position of Event Manager for the Events  Committee, and we look forward to seeing her work come to life. We spoke with Shireeca and this is what she had to share:

"My name is Shireeca  P  Campbell, also known as Reeca,  and I joined PHCMDC in January 2023.  My daughter is a Junior Diva Majorette. I currently sit on Two Committees within the organization. The first committee is the Bermuda Day Committee where my role is to ensure that we have the support and help on the route of the Bermuda Day Paride for every member in the organization. I am also on the Event Committee where my role is to make sure all events and bookings are approved for dates and times of performances. Our goal is to keep the tradition alive and get as much exposure in our community as we can. PHCMD is a family friendly organization, and I am happy to be a part of it. "

Welcome to the family Shireeca.  We appreciate your support of our program. 


Welcome to the team

Dawn Spence - Manager 

PHCMDC is excited to welcome Dawn Spence to the Management Team.  Dawn was very helpful during the 2023 Winter/Spring Term when her and her daughter Malia joined the family.  Malia became a Junior Diva Majorette and has been very passionate about learning and becoming more involved.  With that passion, Dawn decided to do what she can to support the group, and became a volunteer of the Bermuda Day Committee to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible. 

Given her big heart and her willingness to help, the Directors and Management felt that Dawn would be a great addition to our team.  She has accepted our request and will be assisting as a group liaison for all orders to be made with the PHC Attire.  She will be assisting in other areas of the group that require administration, but will be easing her way into the operations as she navigates this new addition into her daily tasks. 

Welcome to the family Dawn!  We look forward to working with you this term and beyond.

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