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Leather Pom Pom Majorette Boots

Leather Pom Pom Majorette Boots


These Majorette Boots are part of the Precious Pom Pom Section Performing Uniform footwear.  These will be worn for all performances year after year.


Pom Pom Majorette Boots - tassels + personalization:

(does not include shipping & duty)

  • About the boot....

    This boot is a leather boot that requires proper storage when not in use.  With Bermuda's temperature we have seen boots come apart at the sole due to damp storage conditions.  Once you make your purchase, be sure you have somewhere dry to store them.   It is also recommended to purchase half or 1 full size bigger than your child's true size for longer use. 


    In the event that the boot you ordered is the wrong size, you may return it for resale, and we will reorder the correct size given the availability of the merchant.  Be sure you pay through our online payment method in order to get your boots shipped from our merchant in time.  


    Due to the large volume of orders we anticipate, we have already provided you with the cost of the boots, which does not include shipping or duty. We will advise of any additional fees to be paid when the order of boots have arrived.  Management will advise of collection location once received, as we do not offer a delivery service.  

Color: White
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